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Our Client Criteria:

We don’t work with just anyone.  We require that our clients be:

  • Committed to the growth of their business
  • Able to delegate and communicate
  • Willing to hear new and out-of-the-box ideas
  • Incredibly fun!

Become A Retainer Client
Retainer partnerships are only for those who are seeking to work with us in an ongoing partnership.  We will work closely together to help implement your goals and visions.  When you retain our services, your work is given priority.

We do require a minimum of 10-hours a month to work in a Retainer relationship.  This provides you with 10-hours of our time each month and you are only charged for the time that we are working on your work.  Additionally, we will have a weekly 15-minute complimentary call that will allow us to formulate a plan for the week.

Time Blocks
Do you need help with certain areas of your business but are not ready for a retainer package?  Then purchasing time blocks might be best for you.  This option is ideal for clients who are uncertain about how much time they will need on a monthly basis or for one-time projects.  You can purchase a time block which will be good for 60 days.

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All time spent on your project is billable, including phone calls, email communication, organization, implementation and any other activity needed to make sure your work is completed to the best of our ability. In addition, any materials necessary to complete projects such as volume printing, shipping materials, postage, international calls, travel and any other materials and services necessary to complete a project will be billed to your account. All expenses will be approved by you before-hand.


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